Frequently asked questions

What is the recommended number of guests for an online cocktail making session?

We can do online sessions for any number of guests! When organising your event we would suggest considering the following: - Larger group numbers allow you to reach more people (duh!): It sounds obvious that it allows you to reach more people but you can do so whilst still maintaining an intimate feel to the event. You can also allow for interaction with some key members of the group and we can brief our cocktail master accordingly. - We can include additional entertainment and kit enhancements. E.g. we love partnering with local businesses and have included extra gifts for several events such as Aesop hand soap (divine!), Hey Tiger Chocolates (yum!) and even gorgeous greenery from Peninsula plant gurus Verdant Dwelling.

Is there a minimum spend?

No, but the more people you have, the lower the per head cost of the event.

What is the leadtime from providing guest details?

Ideally we need a 2-3 week lead time to get your kits packed and sent out. This depends however on event size and where your guests are located, and we will provide you with a timeline once the parameters of the event are confirmed.

Can you help with gathering guest details?

Yes we can assist you in contacting your guests to confirm their delivery addresses via a secure online portal. Just contact our friendly team and we can do the rest!

How is postage calculated?

We use Star Track Express postage and depending on where your guests are located, freight costs usually fall anywhere around $18-22 per package. Alternatively if you are looking at ways to save postage costs, we can arrange a larger freight of kits to a central work office for guests to collect. Adequate time for guests to collect the kits needs to be factored in for this scenario.